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What is YouControl?

YouControl is a Ukrainian team that creates services for business analysis.

We help business avoid financial risks and give journalists and public activists a chance to investigate socially important issues.

What the media says

About YouControl

YouControl is an analytical system for compliance, market analysis, business intelligence, and investigation.

The system generates a full profile for every company in Ukraine based on open data, tracks changes in state registers, and reveals links between affiliates.

The unique technology allows you to get relevant (at the time of the request) information about the company or the individual entrepreneur from more than 220 official sources.

The Monitoring feature reports changes daily, based on data from official sources.

All YouControl features
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Website users per day


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Our mission


To contribute an expansion of international cooperation by creating a transparent
business environment

The mission is the basis of our business model: user payments helps develop tools and allows journalists, community activists, students, and scientists to use the system for free.


Our values



We are the first in Ukraine who create the cutting-edge analytical tools.


We creatively approach to working with data to create convenient and useable tools.


We make socially important information accessible both for the public sector and for business and government agencies.


We create a quality product by using leading international practices and recommendations of state bodies.


  • November 2013

    Start developing an online service
  • September 2014

    YouControl is incorporated
  • March 2016

    Search for Connections, a tool for detecting interconnections between companies, private entrepreneurs or natural persons, is released
  • September 2016

    YouControl comes up to 500+ clients
  • October 2017

    Unique developments FinScore (company financial sustainability index) and MarketScore (market sustainability index)
  • March 2018

    Запустили YouScore an API compliance automation product
  • July 2018

    Express Analysis, a tool helping to assess the counterparty within minutes, is released
  • December 2018

    72% of Ukrainian banks have integrated YouControl into their business processes. We even were commended by the NBU!
  • April 2019

    Presents the feature of investigating companies’ connections with the national public figures
  • July 2019

    Achieves 100,000+ hits per day on the YouControl website
  • August 2019

    The tool YouControl People, a single-click individuals checking tool
  • December 2019

    YouControl picks up the best ІТ solution for business award
  • April 2020

    Groups, a tool helping to sort counterparties by lists and share their details with other YouControl users, is released

    YouControl Virus, an interactive map reflecting the level of medical arrangement to fight the spread of COVID in Ukraine, is launched

    Add YouControl International, a new tool to check counterparties in foreign registers, to the system
  • May 2020

    Presents the Individuals Monitoring module
  • June 2020

    A new YouControl service: bespoke risk analysis Within 24 hours, you can get a solid opinion on your potential business partner
  • July 2020

    YouControl makes the TOP 5 startup innovations of Ukraine

    Launches YouControl Academy, a large-scale project to help users quickly and easily get acquainted with all the system’s features and learn compliance
  • October 2020

    YouControl presents a new service: Expert Individuals Files, which allows you obtain an all-in file for a natural person in a convenient fashion
  • January 2021

    The YouControl loyalty programme started. Learn more about its advantages and opportunities
  • April 2021

    YouControl launched a free online course in compliance. Among its lectors there are Ukrainian specialists and international experts
  • May 2021

    The updated Financial scoring from YouControl was presented

    The tool "Media Reputation" , which integrates media investigations into the profiles of individuals and legal entities in the analytical system, was launched
  • June 2021

    The large-scale update of the tool "Market analysis" took place
  • July 2021

    Additions to the system of search for individuals was developed – the indicator "Uniqueness of the Name"

    It indicates whether the search results really relate to a specific person and what is the probability of coming across a namesake
  • September 2021

    A new addition to the tool "Market analysis" was released – the tab "New Companies and Individual Entrepreneurs". It provides the opportunity to find new players in the market that can become your potential partners
  • October 2021

    KYC Form YouControl was presented – a portal for working with customers, that enables to collect information about them in the Questionnaire of a given format. Collecting is carried out automatically, using current data from state registers.
  • November 2021

    The tab "Tax Diligence" was added to the Express Analysis. It takes into account 75 risk factors that are primarily paid attention to during tax audits.
  • December 2021

    The tool "Analysis of Tenders" was launched for checking procurement participants. The module consolidates information on a tender in one report, "highlights" problem areas and operates free of charge.
  • March 2022

    RuAssets was launched – an international tool for checking connections of legal entities and individuals with russian and belarusian assets, sanctioned individuals, military terrorists, and propagandists.
  • April 2022

    With the support of Artellence and the Security Service of Ukraine, we developed the TyHto app, which allows the territorial defense, police and military to quickly check individuals at checkpoints, on the street during curfews, at the entrance to shelters, and others.
  • May 2022

    We added new factors to the Express Analysis aimed at instantly detecting ties to Russia and Belarus in the activities of counterparties. These factors help companies to avoid cooperation with businesses with Russian and hostile traces.
  • December 2022

    We relaunched the Market Analysis tool. Now it is a standalone YC.Market product for researching Ukrainian and European markets. We added data on the UK markets first.

    We received the SUP (Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs) Award "YouControl is the best technological solution".
  • March 2023

    YouControl added the Myrotvorets database to the system.

    We won the Best government fintech partner Award at the Ukrainian Fintech Awards.
  • April 2023

    We added one of the most extensive databases on sanctions, War and Sanctions.
  • May 2023

    We added a register of 170 thousand Russian war criminals to the system.
  • June 2023

    We added a list of suspects in the main case of "February 24" to the system.

    We were included in the Forbes Next 250 rating – a list of 250 promising small and medium-sized companies.
  • We work for you!

We work for you!


Press about us


Sante Alco, клієнт YouControl, розповів про власні переваги для статті KyivPost: "It helps to understand whether has been company launched with serious intentions"

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Сергій Мільман, СЕО YouControl, в інтерв'ю для "Юргазети": "Сьогодні постійно змінюється бізнес-середовище. І ми маємо оперативно реагувати на ці зміни та приймати рішення, які є адекватними до цих обставин і до цього часу".

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Про революційний інструмент YouControl повідомили в ""Поиск связей" поможет защитить компанию от внутренних и внешних "врагов", проверить причастность сотрудников к подозрительным сделкам"

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Сергій Мільман, СЕО YouControl, в інтерв'ю для "Галицького кореспонденту: "Відкриті дані – це справжня революція. Це правильна революція, без крові. Тому що їх аналіз дозволяє тобі розуміти суть того, що відбувається."

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"Національна антикорупційна платформа" про використання YouControl для викриття корупції: "Використовуючи сервіс для розслідувань, журналіст заощаджує десятки годин часу на пошуки, а деякі важливі зв’язки і підозрілі збіги навряд чи можливо виявити без інструментарію YouControl".

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YouControl дав рекомендації читачам Лайфхакеру: "...главный принцип при выборе поставщиков и партнёров — доверяй, но проверяй. Бизнес — это всегда риск. Но его можно минимизировать."

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Informal YouControl community, which seeks to get more from working with the company than just using the system. It is all about interesting and useful meetings to discuss business tools and trends.

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4,000+ economic investigations have been done using YouControl

We are always support those who create a transparent business environment and fight corruption. YouControl provides journalists, active citizens, and communities with free access to the system.


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Ukraine 02002, Kyiv

Sverstyuk Eugene street, 11, office 515

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