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Check of individuals

Information about an individual from official sources

Check out the risk factors and avoid cooperation with Ukrainian citizens who :

  • Have debts;
  • Are convicted of corruption;
  • Hide from the authorities;
  • Use fake documents.
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Who needs to check an individual

  • Realtors
  • Finance departments
  • Individuals when concluding transactions
  • HR service
  • Executives
  • Security personnel

How to use?

For business:

For individuals:

  • Checking employees before hiring
  • Checking the partner before signing a contract
  • Find and check executives of the counterparties
  • Checking seller or buyer before buying/renting real estate
  • Checking equipment tenants
  • Employee monitoring
  • Monitoring of persons related to the counterparties
  • Buying/selling real estate
  • Real estate for rent
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Hiring home staff
  • Hiring builders

How to check

Enter the data you know (for example, full name)

YouControl system finds the person in the registry

You get the check result.

Data from the Unified State Register

Find out in which companies a person is registered as a leader, signatory, beneficiary now or in the past. Also find out if the person is registered as a private entrepreneur. Data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations.

Loan, alimony, salary debtor

Check the individual in the Unified Register of Debtors and/or the automated enforcement process. Search by the full name, the TIN and date of birth.

Wanted or listed as missing

Check the invidividual in the registers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “Missing Citizens” and “Persons who are hiding from the authorities”. Search in Russian or Ukrainian by the full name.


Before cooperation, check the individual in the Unified State Register of Persons Who Have Committed Corruption or Corruption Offenses.

Dismissed from public service on the grounds of lustration

Learn about the results of the audit of civil servants and senior officials on the applicability of the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On the purification of power”. The registry also contains information about individuals who appeal the legality of applying lustration to them.

Passport data check

Make sure that the passport of a citizen of Ukraine is not among the stolen and lost.

Learn about the place where the passport was lost or stolen, the date of its disappearance/theft, the date the information was entered into the registry.

As for invalid passports, the system displays passport forms, remaining in the relevant authorities on the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine with the date of data entry.

What else you will learn about individuals

Coming soon

In which court cases appears

Coming soon

Listed among terrorists

Coming soon

Is on the sanctions list

Coming soon

Has a connection with FIG

Coming soon

Known as or associated with a national public figure

Coming soon

Registered property

Coming soon

Registered car

Coming soon

Debtor of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals