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Everything you need to know about your contractor
With YouControl, you can find:
  • Licences
  • Taxation
  • Courts
  • Financial analysis
  • Public procurements
  • FEA
Full company profile
10 tabs of data from 50 registers

You can learn everything about any company — its status (active or going to go bankrupt), information about its top managers and beneficiaries, the financial and industrial group it belongs to.

  • everything you need to know about your contractor, in one place
  • bankruptcy records updates appear faster than in the Unified State Register
  • court cases, enforcement proceedings, and cases to be considered
  • history of changes
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Background monitoring
Receive an email every time any changes in a selected company profile occur

Automatic monitoring will provide timely notifications about company’s bankruptcy, criminal cases, outstanding tax liabilities etc.

  • Save your business from external threats and illegal takeovers
  • Get access to all data about new court cases and enforcement proceedings
  • Receive reports every day right to your inbox
  • Review monitoring history
Seach for links
Who runs your partner companies?

Learn who is really behind your partner company and find hidden links between people, businesses, and events.

  • search for related persons to make transfer analysis
  • check for fair/unfair trades in public procurements
  • identifying potentially sham companies
  • reveal links with financial-industrial groups
Chech 10 companies for free
Market research
Create your own TOP 25 companies sorted by region and Classification of Economic Activities (CEA)
  • sales department will find potential clients for your goods or services — make a list of clients sorted by types of economic activities
  • commercial department will build a rating of potential clients — select your type of activity and region to see all the companies providing similar services
  • analysts will identify key market players — select an industry to see all the leading companies
YouScore API Components
YouScore is an automated scoring system that calculates company's reliability and evaluate its potential. This complex solution consists of separate components that aggregate data collected from various public registers, including Ukrainian state registers. YouScore uses API to transfer the data to bank operating system so bank employees can easily access it.
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