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YouControl - a powerful tool for investigating econominc crime and for performing market research

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Are you a journalist or a activist who fights against corruption in business and desires more transparency for Ukrainian business climate? You think YouControl tools can help you with your work? Let us know!
If you're fighting for corruptless, more transparent business environment - we're on your side. YouControl wants to help with your fight against corruption, that's why we provide activists with free access to all our services.
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YouControl helps prepare analytics
Best market analytics
Fluctuation of business activity: what we can learn from "waves" when it comes to registering businesses over the last 25 years
Analyse all companies that directly or indirectly belong to MP's or their family memebers. One thousand five hundred Ukrainian businesses are on the list.
Which financial institutions opened and closed most branches in different regions, and which regions lost the maximum number of bank offices.
Rating of real estate developers. Preliminary reports covering all companies who have put into service at least one residential building
YouControl helps investigators
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