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Professional assessment of basic business risks in 24 hours

  • legal
  • financial
  • tax
  • reputational

Written opinion or scientific and legal expert examination of a company or a private entrepreneur

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Will carry out risk analysis of cooperation with a company or a private entrepreneur for:

Sale or
supply of goods

Purchase of goods

services and works

Execution of works
and provision of services

General (undefined)
areas of cooperation

Checking a surety,
mortgagor or guarantor

Other cases
specified by you

Taking a member
in by internal company

Becoming a founding member
of external company

Partnerships supposing
licences/permits in place

What do we investigate?

  • General registration data
  • Tax information
  • Court cases
  • Existence of debts
  • Existence of real estate/land/transport
  • Licences and permits
  • Financial standing of the company
  • Audits
  • Analysis of connected legal entities and natural persons
  • Sanctions and other restrictions

For a comprehensive risk assessment, we take into account the amount and other features of transactions: frequency, prepayment, deferred payment or delivery, etc. We definitely study both the counterparty and related legal entities and persons: members, top executive/signatories and beneficiaries.

What will you get?

Opinions from seasoned YouControl experts trusted by companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors of the economy and recommended by the National Bank and the Tax Service:

Advisory Opinion

  • Will help secure when making business decisions
  • Will enable a better understanding of the real situation with the counterparty
  • Will strengthen the bargaining power

Provided in paper form, on a letterhead, with a signature and seal. Can be kept in a file and transferred to structural units (security, lawyers, accounting, etc.). Can be emailed.

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Сharge for opinion

574 €

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Scientific Legal Review

  • Will enable a better substantiation for the legal position in litigations. In most cases, such expert examinations are treated by courts as legal scholars' scientifically substantiated recommendations for law enforcement. When regarded by court, findings of a scientific and legal expert examination promote correct application of substantive and procedural law in resolving litigations.
  • Will strengthen arguments during implementation of public oversight (control) measures.

Provided in paper form, on a letterhead, signed by legal scientist (academic collegium). Can be emailed.

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Charge for expert opinion

877 €

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Advisory opinion is provided in writing within the framework and to the extent necessary to answer questions of the investigation. The opinion is based only on findings of research of the existing public information on the contracting party (legal entity) in the form of open data. The opinion is purely recommendatory and cannot establish any facts or circumstances of legal significance or substitute findings of forensic examinations. The opinion shall be used by the Customer and/or related persons for taking managerial, financial, organisational and any other decisions and action (or inaction) solely at their discretion.

Opinions regarding large business entities, financial institutions, legal entities under public law, legal entities of state and communal sectors of the economy and also legal entities that appear in many (5 or more) court proceedings are provided on individual conditions. This should be borne in mind before placing an order, because charges and delivery time may be adjusted after the placement. Therefore, please contact our representative for clarifications if necessary.

The delivery time starts only after full payment.

We undertake to honour confidentiality of all information received from the Customer related to the investigation and presentation of the opinion while preventing its unauthorised use and/or disclosure to third parties.

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