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You can search for information in a different way:
  • TIN code
  • Company code
  • Company code (ОГРН)
  • Name of official
  • Name of official or owner
  • Name of founder or director
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Registration address
  • Phone number
  • The search also includes historical data .
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YouControl system is an online service checking companies


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180 official sources


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Check contractors with YouControl and avoid:

Legal sanctions
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The system helps different specialists of your company comprehensively evaluate contractors

  • Head
  • Economic Security Service
  • Lawyer
  • Buyer
  • Accountant
  • Who the contractors' heads and founders are associated with;
  • All relevant licenses and permits in one place;
  • Automatic monitoring of the most important contractors;
  • Company relations with public persons;
  • Financial and market scoring to understand the company's place on the Ukrainian market.
All features
  • All criminal cases the company is associated with in one place;
  • Valid data on tax debt;
  • Company connections with other individuals and legal entities;
  • Foreign economic activity of the company: data on offshore and sanction lists;
  • Check of individuals;
  • Notification of important contractor's changes.
All features
  • All judicial and documents mentioned the company;
  • Data on enforcement proceedings against the company;
  • Current legal entity's status and registration data;
  • Companies affiliated with the contractor;
  • Company property: trademarks and motor vehicles.
All features
  • Verification of the company’s KVEDs;
  • VAT registration;
  • Data on the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Tax debts.
All features
  • Valid company registration data;
  • Data for tax;
  • Official notifications from public authorities.
All features

Unique features
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Automatic monitoring

The system sends you an email every time the company data changes.

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Search for links

The tool indicates a connection between the two companies: the address, phone number, and heads.

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Financial and market scoring

Index of financial stability of companies designed specifically for the Ukrainian market.

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Express analysis

Express analysis automatically checks a company profile and detects factors risky for collaboration.

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Check of individuals

Information about any citizen of Ukraine from official sources.

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