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The Monitoring tool is available only to paid license users.

Automatic notification of changes in companies

Add your company and main contractors to monitoring and be the first to know about significant changes in official data.

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What monitoring is

Monitoring is a bot that monitors the companies, track changes in open registries, and generates a report for you for these changes.

Why to use


Self-defense against external threats and raider attacks.

If you put your own enterprise in monitoring, you will receive an automatic notification if its data in the registers has changed without your participation.


Bankruptcy notice.

From the monitoring report, you can see it in the report the very same day, even before the enterprise employees know.


You will learn about new enforcement proceedings and court cases involving a legal entity.

On its own initiative, the contractor is unlikely to give you this information, and it may be crucial for your cooperation.

How it works

Bot regularly checks the data in all monitoring sources about every company on your list
Notification of changes coming to your email and stored in your YouControl account.
All changes that the robot found in the registers can be filteed by date, type or change the list of companies.
How to set up monitoring

Adding contractor to monitoring

Looking through the contractor’s file, you can immediately add it to the monitoring, or open the Monitoring block on the work panel. There you can add contractors, sort them by lists, and view monitoring results.

Setting up lists

Create lists of companies to monitor. You can give them different names and color markers for your convenience.

Lists download

Download the list of companies using the txt file.

Monitoring history

The Monitoring history section contains all the changes that the bot found in the registers. Records are stored from the day you added the contractor.

Email notifications

Now, you will receive daily emails with the changes that the bot finds on the lists of companies.
The email can be sent not only to you, but also to 5 other employees. Just add their email addresses to receive monitoring.
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