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Markets Analysis

Find new customers, partners and suppliers

Compile database of contacts for cooperation fast and easy

Markets Analysis

Compile database of contacts for cooperation fast and easy, find customers, partners, distributors and reliable suppliers to your best benefit.


Find potential clients

Find potential clients among all Ukrainian companies according to your required criteria with a few clicks and save your time!

  • 1.Choose criteria
    And 15 more factors
  • 2.Get a handy report

    Available business entities per report

    17 384
    Get a report:
    • Email
    • Telephone number
    • Address
    • Earnings
    • Number of employees
    • Imports
    • Net profit
    • Business entity status

Get a custom-built Excel spreadsheet for easy data handling

Boost your company performance with the Markets Analysis tool

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Features of the Market Analysis tool from YouControl


Banking and financial institutions


Wholesale and retail trade


Markets Analysis


International business


Industrial sector

  • Grow your contact base for the procurement and sales department:
  • Find new clients, partners, suppliers and contractors;
  • Segment and download data by the required parameters;
  • Research market size and market shares in your field;
  • Follow developments and trends in a market or in specific niche and predict business success;
  • Analyse market competitors;

New companies and individual entrepreneurs

Hundreds of new companies and sole traders are established in Ukraine every day. You can be first to have their details emailed to you

Functional features:
  • Daily retrievals of information
  • 5 report recipients

How does Market Analysis works?

A unique data collection and collation technique which allows getting necessary company information under your criteria in 4 easy steps
  • Set up the filters

    Choose the required company analysis criteria. These can be: KVED, FEA, undertaking status, amount of earnings, region, number of employees, imports or exports and so on.

  • Generate a report

    Build the report and preview the spreadsheet. You can change the spreadsheet content.

  • Analyse the data retrieved

    In the Analytics tab you can see the analysis report in the form of diagrams and quickly assess the selected market segment.

  • Download the file

    Just one click and you are already handling the retrieved database and looking for new clients and partners.

Market Analysis Tariffs

Free of charge
Premium Premium 715 € / month 1 685 € / year
Test the capabilities of the product for free and switch to the "Premium" tariff for full-fledged work.
Free of charge
3 days For the existing clients with Standard, Checking Individuals and Full Access licences, access is provided indefinitely.
Order Callback Report generation:
  • By earnings
  • By import/export
  • By status
  • By legal form
  • By KVED
Tariff features:
  • 30 companies and entrepreneurs in the report
  • 5 KVED codes (by class)
  • 5 UKTZED codes (by class)
  • 30 requests (per day)
Premium Premium
Maximum capabilities and analytical indicators in one report.
Maximum capabilities and analytical indicators in one report.
715 € / month
1 685 € / year
Report generation:
  • By earnings
  • By import/export
  • By status
  • By legal form
  • By KVED
  • Upon participation in state tenders
Tariff features:
  • 10 000 companies and entrepreneurs in the report
  • All KVED
  • All UKTZED
  • Excel downloadable report
  • Additional contacts from tenders
  • 30 requests (per day)
Analytics indicators:
  • MarketScore indicator
  • FinScore indicator
  • Quick analysis
  • Additional financial indicators
  • Presence of sanctions
New companies and private entrepreneurs:
  • Daily retrieval of information
  • 5 report recipients
Discount -20%
For Advisory Opinion and Scientific Legal Review
We have prepared special discounts for our clients. Order detailed Advisory Opinion or Scientific Legal Review with a 20% on a permanent basis

Find out more

Markets Analysis is a unique opportunity to boost company revenue and grow your business!

Market Analysis is an exclusive YouControl tool for finding new partners, clients and analyzing various areas of business in Ukraine

It helps to find the most profitable clients and reliable partners, to get to know the leaders of any niche "by sight", to form a base of contacts for cooperation, to obtain maximum data for analyzing the situation and for one's own growth.

Market analysis finds companies and analyzes their activities among all registered in Ukraine according to specified parameters, for example, by financial indicators, by region, by type of economic activity. The analysis results are indicated in the table and detailed in the analytical report. Results can also be downloaded in table format.

Retrieving data from registries and analysis takes a matter of seconds. The user sees a ready-made "slice" of the market, and can also view analytical information on his request: the number of potentially interesting legal entities by region, city, the range of their revenue, division of legal entities by status, distribution by revenue and personnel and TOP-10 companies in the report among legal entities by revenue.

Useful for those whose work is related to the search and selection of new counterparties, the conclusion of partnership agreements, decision-making on cooperation and strategic planning.

It can be:
  • Heads of small and medium-sized businesses: to assess the size of the market, forecast, search for reliable partners;
  • Sales specialists: to analyze the market and search for counterparties by means of cold sales;
  • Lawyers: business analytics, ratings by financial indicators, regular checks of counterparties;
  • Banking specialists: checking the position and status of clients;
  • Employees of state-owned enterprises: search for suppliers and sales markets; analysis of work efficiency;
  • Players of the international market. Everyone who is in one way or another interested in new business contacts and a deliberate search for mutually beneficial cooperation.
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