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Express Analysis

Instant verification of enterprises and sole proprietors

The tool allows you to automatically check 75 important factors for enterprises or 16 important factors for sole proprietors

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Why is this tool useful?

Focus on what's important

The tool draws attention to the essential factors to consider before collaboration.

Thorough check

Every factor reflects the level of recommended thoroughness to check the company.

Time saving

Saves the time of employees conducting the check.

ExpressAnalysis Index

What is unique?

The ExpressAnalysis index reflects the level of attention to pay for further company research, using the Youcontrol system and other sources.

Visual conventions

No special signals detected, or they are few or not significant.

Pay attention to several identified signals in the company's activities.

Taking into account signaling factors, we recommend you to conduct a thorough check of the company's reliability.

A robust reliability check before collaboration is recommended.

What factors does Express analysis take into account?

Index-forming factors are grouped into the following categories:

Legal personality

  • Lack of legal entity status
  • Bankrupt
  • In a state of termination
  • Limited competency of officials
  • Of head and owner


  • Sanctioned company
  • The company was re-registered in the occupied Crimea
  • Founder / participant / ultimate beneficiary is a resident of the country under sanctions
  • The company trades with countries under sanctions

Qualification criteria

  • Insufficient lifetime
  • Insufficient authorized capital


  • The main activity is wholesale
  • A wide range of registered activities

Institutional changes

  • Private institutional changes
  • Changes in the types of activity
  • Short term of a head


  • Company from the occupied territories
  • Founder / ultimate beneficiary is a person registered in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine
  • Location in the housing stock

Founders/members in foreign jurisdictions

  • Founders/Participants in offshore recognized in Ukraine
  • Founders/Participants in the EU Black List
  • Founders/Participants in the FATF Black List
  • Founders/Participants of the OECD Black List


  • Contractor-related judgements in civil, criminal, administrative, and business matters


  • Tax debt
  • Open enforcement proceedings

Unknown owners

  • Final beneficiaries are not defined


  • Transactions with offshore jurisdictions recognized in Ukraine
  • Operations with jurisdictions from the EU Black List
  • Transactions with jurisdictions from the FATF Black List
  • Operations with jurisdictions from the OECD Black List
  • Communication with the national public figure


The selection of factors for the contractor's analysis is based on:

  • World's best compliance assessment practices.
  • Research of the team of YouControl financial analysts and Doctors of Economic Sciences.
  • Requirements and recommendations approved in regulatory legal acts or mentioned in letters of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service, and the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine.
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