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Переглядайте експертне досьє на кандидатів у мери та дізнавайтесь більше про тих, кого обираєте.

Обери кандидата на карті
Наразі доступні 20 expert file на кандидатів в мери міста Києва
Не знайшли вашого кандидата?
За кнопкою "Замовити досьє на кандидата" внизу сторінки ви можете замовити Експерт-досьє на кандидата від свого міста, а ми впродовж двох днів зробимо досьє та додамо його на карту.
Про продукт
Експерт-досьє на фізичну особу
What do we research?
Mass media information on the person
Man behind the podium
Public persons
Linked persons
Connected persons,
including family relations
Organisations connected with the person and their family
Warning sign
International sanctions
Real estate
Download sample
What will you get?
Individual’s file with the following sections:
Personal file
Family information
People near skyscrapers
Connections with the individual’s and family members’ organisations
Money, document
Property information (real estate, vehicles)
Camera, microphone
Information from mass media
Connections chart
Paper sheet in envelope
Facts that require particular care
How to make an order?
Fill in a simple order form
Payment card
Make payment (with a card or against invoice)
Order result
Within two working days you will receive the review by email
Замовити досьє на кандидата
Terms of furnishing Expert File

The analytical statement Expert File is furnished in writing within the limits and to the extent necessary to answer the research questions. The Expert File is based solely on findings of research of information on a particular individual/legal entity, existing as open data. The Expert File is purely advisory and cannot establish any facts or circumstances of legal significance, substitute forensic findings, etc. The Expert File is to be used by the customer and/or connected persons for the purpose of making managerial, financial, organisational or any other decisions or action (or inaction) at their own discretion.

Expert Files, which imply analysis of a person's connections with more than 20 other entities and/or persons, are furnished on different terms. This should be kept in mind when ordering an opinion, because the cost and timing of its provision can be adjusted after submission of the order. Therefore, please contact our representative for clarifications when necessary.

The time for fulfilment of the order starts only after its full payment.

We undertake to honour confidentiality of all information received from the Customer in carrying out the research and furnishing the statement and prevent its unauthorised use and/or disclosure to third parties.

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