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Financial-industrial groups

Indicator of the company's belonging to one of the Ukrainian financial-industrial groups
A financial-industrial group (FIG) is an association of several enterprises which interact economically and financially. The activity of all enterprises within one financial-industrial group is controlled by entrepreneurs who have combined their assets.
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Why use it

  • Check companies for belonging to a group with reputational issues.
  • Check for plagiarism in the company name.
    The system allows you to determine if the company is actually affiliated with the FIG and does not use a consonant name to use its positive image for fraudulent actions.
  • Identify key people in a group of companies.

The FIG indicator is located in the upper right corner of the profile.

Click on the name to view detailed information about FIG.

What you can see

The key person is a person owning the main companies of the group.
Related parties — relatives, company executives, minority shareholders, and others.

Where the information comes from

Our team has analyzed data from the Unified State Register of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and public formations, family ties, and information in the media to create the FIG base.
The indicator of financial-industrial groups is a unique YouControl feature created by our analysts.
The system includes:
  • 15 largest FIGs of Ukraine;
  • FIGs associated with large retailers;
  • FIGs of people's deputies of Ukraine;
  • FIGs belonging to the TOP-100 richest people in Ukraine;
  • FIGs associated with the TOP-100 law firms;
  • agricultural holdings;
  • FIGs associated with the deputies of local councils.
    In progress
What FIGs the system include
Financial and Industrial Groups
16 500+
Ukrainian companies
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