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International Sanctions
International Sanctions
Country/organisation which imposed sanctions Last revision Date of expiration

Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available

Restrictions on admission

05.08.2021 27.10.2021

Asset freeze and prohibition to make funds available

31.12.2020 Until revision

What are international sanctions?

International sanctions are imposed by international organisations or individual states: comprehensive sanctions completely block any types of trade and financial transactions with entire countries, sectoral sanctions apply to certain sectors of the economy and groups of persons, while targeted sanctions restrict such transactions with individuals and/or businesses. Sanctions take various forms: financial and trade restrictions, asset freezes, travel bans on individuals, etc. Occasionally, sanctions imposed on individuals may extend to their counterparties too.

Existence and degree of cooperation risks depend on the type and nature of the sanctions bearing on the countries involved in relevant transactions. For example, supply of foodstuffs at the time of an arms embargo may bear no signs of risk. Meanwhile, dealing in optical devices amid a prohibition of transactions in dual-use goods can be high-risk.

Suspicions that a transaction or its participants, their activities or sources of their assets are involved in commission of actions, punishable by international sanctions, may result in suspension of/withdrawal from financial transactions, investigations lodged by law enforcement agencies, etc. This can lead to financial losses, business destabilisation, negative legal implications and reputational risks.
In each case, assumption (suspicion) of possible risks should be based on results of a thorough analysis of all available information.


Information in the International Sanctions section of the YOUCONTROL System (including other related data in the YOUCONTROL System) is for reference only. This information contains general description of international sanctions, does not replace any of the existing official data, does not establish any facts or circumstances of legal significance and shall not be used as audit, legal or other expert opinions.

Where this information is used by anyone for the purpose of making managerial, legal, financial, organisational or any other decisions or action (or inaction) at their own discretion, holders of ownership rights for the YOUCONTROL System, website, shall not be liable for the consequences.

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