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What does the company own?

Get information about company official property::

  • What brands belong to it?
  • Number of cars in the fleet and their models
  • Company real estate
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What brands does the company own?

Information on trademarks owned by a legal entity is displayed in the tab «Property → Trademarks». You will see:

  • Name (verbal trademark);
  • Image (trademark);
  • Registration number;
  • Registration and expiration date;
  • TM current status (valid);
  • TM classes (according to the International Classification of Goods and Services).

What is the company fleet?

You can check the availability of company vehicles in the section «Property → Transport in use/Owned vehicles».

Please note the type of work: passenger and freight transportation require different licenses.


What real estate does the company own?

  • Type of object (land or building);
  • The exact address of the buildings owned;
  • Land location, area, purpose, cadastral number, ownership.

Where are the data about the company property coming from?

  • Open State Register of Trademarks Registered in Ukraine (“Marks for Goods and Services Registered in Ukraine”). Only those trademarks whose registration is successfully completed (from the date of publication of TM) are entered in the register;
  • Database “Vehicles as a means of conducting business”;
  • State Register of Real Property Rights to Real Estate
  • Public cadastral map of Ukraine.
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