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Profile overview

The most important information about the company

Overview of the company profile key facts:

  • Indication of the importance of in-depth check (express analysis);
  • Registration data;
  • Founders and key persons;
  • Ownership structure and permits;
  • Tax and financial information;
  • Court documents.
ілюстрація - Миттєва оцінка

Instant assessment

Why do I need another summary from different system tabs?

Profile overview saves you time and allows you to immediately evaluate if in-depth verification is needed. It includes thesis data with links to in-depth information for each thematic section.

ілюстрація - Миттєва оцінка
ілюстрація - Експрес-аналіз

Express analysis

Express analysis follows the name and data about the legal form of the enterprise in the overview. This is an exclusive tool that allows you to instantly assess the risks of cooperation with a legal entity. If any factors raise concern, they will be highlighted in the express analysis.

ілюстрація - Фінансова та ринкова стійкість

Financial and market stability

The FinScore and MarketScore indices are explained in detail in the respective tabs. But a profile overview allows you to form a general impression of company's liquidity, profitability, solvency, as well as its market share, place in the industry and dynamics compared to competitors.

ілюстрація - Фінансова та ринкова стійкість

Company profile

Answers to the crucial questions

  • Legal entity full name
  • Short name
  • Legal entity status
  • Date of registration
  • Уповноважені особи
  • Links with national public figures and related parties
  • Size of authorized capital
  • Legal form
  • Type of ownership
  • Activities
  • Contact information
  • Company on the map

Company key persons

Who benefits from the company and who is involved in the management?

What share (in % and UAH) did each participant contribute to the authorized capital?

What company share belongs to the state (State Property Fund of Ukraine)?

Who is the ultimate beneficial owner (controller)?

A complete list of legal entity founders with addresses.

ілюстрація - Власність і ліцензії

Property and licenses

Links to all trademarks, vehicles, business licenses and real estate owned by the company.

ілюстрація - Власність і ліцензії
ілюстрація - Санкції


If the contractor is included in at least one (or several) sanction lists of Ukraine or other countries, you will immediately informed. The tool uses 8 different lists: the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the US Department of the Treasury, the sanction lists of the EU, Great Britain, Japan, etc.

ілюстрація - Податкова інформація

Tax information

  • Tax number;
  • Presence and amount of tax debt;
  • Registration and deregistration in tax authorities;
  • Certificate of VAT payer registration (or its absence and the reason for cancellation);
  • «Learn more about your business partner» Register.
ілюстрація - Податкова інформація
ілюстрація - Тендери


Find out how much the company is dependent on state tenders, which state tenders it won and how the revenue from tenders is related to the total company revenue.

Annual revenue data in graph or table.

ілюстрація - Судові документи і виконавчі провадження

Court documents and enforcement proceedings

  • How responsibly the company fulfills contractual obligations;
  • Party to the case: defendant, plaintiff, third party;
  • What are company legal cases: administrative, criminal and others;
  • Does the contractor relate to a group of companies with signs of fictitiousness;
  • Pending litigation.
ілюстрація - Судові документи і виконавчі провадження
ілюстрація - Офіційні повідомлення

Official notices and notifications

  • Is a company on sanction lists?
  • When are inspections of supervisors scheduled?
  • Are there any salary debts?
  • As well as notes related to bankruptcy proceedings, beneficiaries, loss/replacement of documents and other events that contractors need to know about.
ілюстрація - Пов'язані фізичні особи

Related individuals

Find out who is actually behind the company to assess the reputational risks of collaboration. Find employees and participants who work in different enterprises simultaneously or conduct an investigation on common:

  • Founders and beneficiaries;
  • Directors and signatories;
  • Assignees;
  • Address and phone number.
ілюстрація - Пов'язані фізичні особи

Where does the profile overview data come from?

The profile overview summarizes the data of all the tabs of the contractor's card, and this information comes from:

60+ information registries;

8 unique analytical YouControl tools;

Analytical data from open sources.

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