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YouControl Became a Partner of the Ukrainian Bar Association

18 September 2020
YouControl Became a Partner of the Ukrainian Bar Association

Recently YouControl and the Ukrainian Bar Association have signed a memorandum of cooperation and agreed to jointly organize an event on financial monitoring.


The all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Bar Association”, which unites more than 7 thousand lawyers, signed a memorandum of cooperation with YouControl. Further cooperation will allow to combine efforts in ensuring the formation of the transparent business environment in Ukraine, in promoting the efficiency of operation of the legal sector and the field of information technology, in dissemination of knowledge and information. The implementation of joint projects and activities is expected. The first of them will be an event on financial monitoring, that is being organized this fall.


“Partnership with YouControl under the conditions of increased digitalization is a landmark event for the community on the path to building the rule of law. We are convinced that the combination of our efforts will greatly contribute to the improvement of the right field, to the reinforcement of the transparency of business processes and to the growth of citizens’ legal awareness,” Oleksandra Ehert, the Executive Director, said.


In his turn, Danylo Hloba, the Deputy Director of YouControl on Legal Issues, said: “A lawyer is one of the main figures of the company. S/he protects it from internal and external threats. Their task consists not only in ensuring legal transparency of business, settlement of conflicts, but also in shaping the strategic development of the company. The lawyer’s preventive function  – prevention of problems, avoidance of potential conflict situations from the legal point of view, selection and checking of the partner’s reliability – is the basis for the work. Therefore, YouControl is interested in strengthening cooperation with the Ukrainian Bar Association, primarily as with an ambassador of openness and transparency of the business environment. Within the cooperation we are ready to participate in joint researches of the business environment on the basis of open data, to promote the topic of compliance and checking of counterparties.”


Oleksandra Ehert, the Executive Director of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Olha Lopushanska, a coordinator of law project work of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Danylo Hloba, the Deputy Director of YouControl on Legal Issues, Natalia Chonohub, a GR-manager of YouControl


Let us remind you that earlier YouControl agreed on cooperation with the Center for Judicial Services

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