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YouControl Provided Free Access to Full-Scale Business Monitoring

29 August 2019
YouControl Provided Free Access to Full-Scale Business Monitoring

From August 29 any YouControl user will be able to include ten companies or individual entrepreneurs into a monitoring list and to receive email notifications of changes free of charge. In addition to registration data from the Unified State Register, data on tax debts, sanctions concerning foreign economic activity and court cases will also be emailed.

YouControl has recently participated in the meeting at the state enterprise “National Information Systems”, where market players have discussed aspects of creating a service that will notify citizens of changes in their business. And already this week the enterprise has started daily updating data about companies and individual entrepreneurs on the state portal of open data. In particular, they contain brief information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations.

YouControl developers have decided to supplement the data and have provided full-scale free monitoring of companies and individual entrepreneurs.

From now on users will be able to receive the following notifications concerning selected 10 companies:

•  of the registration changes (director, address, type of activity (main KVED (classifier of types of economic activity), name);

•  of the legal status (whether it is in the process of termination);

•  of the start of bankruptcy proceedings of the company;

•  of the status of payments to the budget (the emergence of a tax debt, the right to pledge property, the cancellation of the registration of VAT payers, the transition to the single tax, etc.);

•  of the prohibition on foreign economic activity or an individual licensing mode in accordance with the sanctions of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;

•  of the court cases that are to be heard, in which a certain legal entity appears.

Tracking changes in your company allows to protect it from corporate raids. But we decided not to stop here and to use the capacity of monitoring to the full. It will allow businesses to keep control of their partners, flexibly responding to changes in their activity. This opportunity will save both time and money of Ukrainian businesspeople,” Sergi Milman, the founder of YouControl, comments.

According to the statistics, agrarian enterprises expose themselves to the highest level of risk of corporate raids. Trading, industrial and construction companies are also at risk. Companies that own a large volume of real estate and/or land are the most attractive to invaders. And if a company has a big tax debt, then it is quite easy to be framed.

To activate monitoring of companies, simply click on the appropriate button in the profile of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Notifications of changes will be sent to the email address you provided while registering.

It is also worth noting that there is a technical limit: you can change the researched companies up to 20 times. So choose carefully and enjoy life while YouControl robots are tracking changes!

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