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Quarantined YouControl: a Brief Report on New Tools

21 May 2020
Quarantined YouControl: a Brief Report on New Tools

A constructive attitude to the quarantine stimulated a number of YouControl updates. We systematize everything we have managed to do over these difficult but motivating and full of experience 2+ months.

It is worth mentioning at once that the developed products are aimed at supporting business under the quarantine conditions and combating the spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine. They are our information and analytical tools that help companies, hospitals and ordinary users.

“Groups”, or How We Worked

The YouControl team almost completely switched to distance work, and those who had to appear in the office did so according to the agreed schedule to minimize the risk of contamination. It was clear that most of our users worked in the similar mode. This was an impetus for the creation of the tool “Groups”.

“Groups” facilitates the process of data transfer and simplifies the interaction of colleagues who work remotely from each other. This is a “cloud” environment in which it is convenient to share lists of profiles, “blacklists” and reliable contacts.

Services for Medical Workers

We used every effort to facilitate procurement for hospitals.

We provided the state enterprise “Agency on Medical Procurement of Ukraine” with free full access to the YouControl system. This company makes requests for procurement in the regional hospitals, for their employees to receive information about:

• Availability of permits and licenses;

• Owners’ structures;

• Tax debt;

• Links of the company with national politically exposed persons;

• Financial stability;

• Court documents.

Almost immediately after that full access to the system was opened to all those who help themselves and medical workers during the epidemic: non-governmental organizations, charitable foundations, businesses that purchase antiseptics and protective gears for staff.

And at the beginning of April we launched a social project – Map of Medical Provision. This is information on the number of antiseptics, ventilators, masks and beds in hospitals, as well as the prognosis and statistics of medical workers’ infecting, that is, trends in the morbidity development. Within the month the map was used 34 000 times. Businesses, non-governmental organizations and benefactors take advantage of the map.

Work on the map from the idea to the first release had been lasting for 2 weeks. For the whole this period the YouControl CEO Sergi Milman, the analyst Roman Kornyliuk and the product manager Dmytro Usmanov had been working without days off. With the assistance of non-governmental organizations “StateWatch”, “The White-Collar Hundred”, “East SOS”, “Zakhidna enerhetychna simia” and the Directorate for Regional Policy and Decentralization of the Office of the President of Ukraine, we managed to put data for the map in public domain.

Currently the information from the reports of medical institutions is automatically analyzed by the system. On the basis of that the indicator for how many days the hospital resources will be enough is calculated according to the algorithms of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. At the same time the prognosis for morbidity and the statistics of doctors’ infecting are formed. Such a map is extremely necessary under the conditions of strict deadlines set to us by the epidemic, because it informs online about real needs of medical workers and trends in the morbidity development.

Tools for Business

Data from the YouControl system showed how the quarantine affected the work of Ukrainian business. In the midst of the epidemic companies changed their business processes, in which the following things topped the list:

• Speed of making decisions on procurement;

• Issue of risks of debt loss or non-repayment of funds for goods provided on credit;

• Organization of work of the procurement department and the security service;

• Hiring staff and monitoring their activities remotely;

• Inspection of foreign suppliers from which the Ukrainians actively purchased protective gears, antiseptics, ventilators and medicines.

At the beginning of April we launched the tool “Credit limit” that, based on financial data, forecasts the amount of acceptable and maximum possible credit.

The number of suppliers of medical goods from abroad increased significantly during the epidemic. To check foreign counterparties, YouControl introduced search in foreign registers and became the first official distributor of the European Business Registry on the territory of Ukraine. And the State Register of Britain was also added.

Monitoring of individuals, that was introduced at the end of April, helps obtain up-to-date information about the presence or emergence of debts, fines, court decisions and many other data under the conditions of remote work. With the help of monitoring of individuals it is convenient to control the activities of the staff.

Among those who applied for access many people faced a service of checking of counterparties for the first time. Therefore now we help find needed information in the system upon request to our hotline. It is currently working, you can call +380 44 334 50 90 from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Although some of the updates emerged mainly as anti-crisis tools, they have the potential for further use. For example, the map can be used to support hospitals and medical workers who had many needs before the quarantine as well. Algorithms that help make forecasts and construct scenarios for the spread of coronavirus can be used to understand the development of other diseases in the country. That is, the work continues, and we all continue working together on relevant and efficient updates to the YouControl system.

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