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“We Are Clear”: Audits and Results

11 November 2019
“We Are Clear”: Audits and Results

A separate tab about audits conducted by public services appeared in the profile of a company in the YouControl system, and data come from more sources.

The tab “Audits” allows you to find out the dates of the planned audits and the results of the audits of the enterprise conducted by public services. There are already results of more than 94 thous. audits out of more than 177 thous. planned ones.

Why Do We Need to Know About Public Service Audits?

An audit can detect breaches at the enterprise because of which fines will be imposed or even certain works will be prohibited. If it is your partner or counterparty, you will have a problem/downtime in work.

For an illustrative example let’s imagine that you use the services of a construction company. The State Employment Service conducts an audit of your counterparty and detects violations (its employees did not receive adequate training and their knowledge on labor safety was not assessed). As a result, the enterprise is prohibited from operating the equipment necessary to fulfill your order.

In addition, you can see the schedule of audits of your enterprise in advance and prepare for them. Or find out about the counterparty’s audits and not waste your time on communicating with them on that day. And you can also read our article on how to prepare for any future audit of the enterprise.

What Precisely Can be Found Out in the Module “Audits”?

List of conducted audits:

•  type of an audit (planned or unscheduled);

•  date of an audit;

•  controlling authority;

•  imposed sanctions (amount of a fine).

Plan of future audits:

•  what service will conduct it;

•  date of the start of an audit;

•  duration of an audit.

The approximate degree of risk is indicated for scheduled audits: high, moderate, or insignificant. It is visualized in graphs of different colors (red, yellow or green respectively).

How to Get Information?

To find out the schedule of audits of an enterprise, open its profile in the YouControl system on the tab “Audits”. Two lists will appear before you: conducted and scheduled audits. You can switch between them by using the buttons in the upper right corner.

You can also see the details of each future audit: the subject (goal) of the audit and the location of its conduction (if it is indicated). To do this, click on the arrow to the right that opens the drop-down list.

The block “Public service audits” is also displayed in the Profile overview next to the counterparty’s links, court decisions and other potential risk factors and assessment of cooperation security.

The tab “Audits” is available to all YouControl users, including in the free Open data tariff.

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