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“Sponsors” of Terrorists Are Now in the Express Analysis

22 November 2019
“Sponsors” of Terrorists Are Now in the Express Analysis

A new factor was added to the express analysis, it will show the involvement of a company in criminal proceedings under art. 258-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (financing of terrorism).

The problem of terrorism in Ukraine is urgent like never before. Any terrorist activities, including their financing, are a threat to national security and entail criminal liability.

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Section IX. Crimes Against Public Security Article 258-5. Financing of Terrorism), any financial or material assistance, payment in favor of persons related to terrorism may be regarded as financing of terrorism. Terrorist organizations or legal entities that help them can fraudulently use companies as channels for financing of terrorism.

In order not to expose your company to the risk of cooperation with such organizations, it is worth thoroughly examining the activity of a potential counterparty at first.

The express analysis of the YouControl system draws attention to the factors that require careful checking. Now among them there is the factor that indicates the involvement of a legal entity in criminal proceedings concerning investigation of facts of terrorist financing. If the company you are checking is mentioned in court judgements, you will immediately see this in the express analysis.

Please note that a mention of a company in court documents does not yet indicate its involvement in committing criminal acts.

In order to understand the role of the company you are checking, you need to study the documents of this criminal case. There are two ways to go to the documents list:

•  to click on a judgment number in the description of the factor, after that the court document by which the factor has worked will open;

•  to go to the section “Courts”, the tab “Judgment documents”. Indicate a case number in the search line.

In case of presence of the sentence according to which company officials are found guilty of a crime (and while committing it they used the company itself), there is every reason to refuse to cooperate with it. Business relations with such a counterparty should be avoided as this may affect your reputation and attract the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

A wrong choice of a counterparty can seriously affect your business. In this case not only financial losses and reputation but also the possibility of involvement in criminal activities are meant.

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