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News 29 May 2023

Register of 170-thousand Russian war criminals on YouControl

Register of 170-thousand Russian war criminals on YouControl

The YouControl analytical system has added a new block for checking individuals – Russian War Criminals. 


About the project 


Russian War Criminals is a joint project of journalists and activists of the Anti-Corruption Headquarters, which has collected more than 170 thousand profiles of the Russian military. This online register contains data on Russian army personnel, identified persons of captured Russians, and Russian citizens killed during the war in Ukraine. Russian soldiers in this registry are identified using open sources: the Centre for Defence Strategies and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine lists, the "Look for Your Own" database, social media and journalistic investigations. 


The database was created in May 2022 to identify all Russian servicemen directly involved or implicated in Russia's war against Ukraine. One of the project's key objectives is to help collect evidence of crimes committed by specific individuals during the hostilities for further use by Ukrainian and international investigators and to provide this evidence to Ukrainian courts and the International Criminal Court (The Hague, the Netherlands).


Where to see data from the database in the YouControl system


The Russian War Criminals register data in the YouControl system can be found in the "Check of individuals" module in the left side menu "Media". For example, when checking Dmitry Astakhov, a Police Lieutenant Colonel SOBR (Special Rapid Response Squad) of the Rosgvardia in the Kemerovo region, YouControl will show two results. The first is the person's full name, when the first name and surname are entirely the same when translated from Russian into Ukrainian, since when searching the Russian War Criminals database, the surname, first name and patronymic of a person must be specified only in Russian. The second is a similar name when there is no certainty about the translation of the Russian first name and/or a partial match with the name from the request.  



In the profile, you can see the rank and affiliation to a military unit, as well as the status of a war criminal:

  • Dead;

  • In captivity;

  • Suspect;

  • Under investigation;

  • Identified;

  • Involved.


Who can use it and why?


Obtaining additional information from public information resources of regulatory (state) authorities and private organisations, such as the online register "Russian War Criminals", is vital in analysing schemes to prevent and combat money laundering, terrorist financing and financing weapons of mass destruction proliferation.


In addition, under the provisions of Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine No. 65 dated 19.05.2020, obtaining additional information about the counterparty by searching for information about it in open sources (e.g., official sources, public registers, websites of reputable publications) is one of the necessary measures for due diligence of the counterparty.


The typological study of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine on "Financing of terrorism and obtaining criminal proceeds from the commission of other crimes in conditions of military aggression of the Russian Federation", approved by Order of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine No. 95 dated 27.12.2022, mentions, among other things, the source of the Russian War Criminals Register as a relevant tool for controlling and monitoring terrorism. 


Thus, the use and analysis of additional information about the counterparty, including information from the online register "Russian War Criminals", contributes to effective control, security and efficient risk management in finance, terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. 


The check of individuals in the YouControl analytical system contains almost all the sources mentioned in the above typological study by the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine. That investigation can serve as a basis for identifying and counteracting the spread of crimes that may be typical in times of war.


As a reminder, YouControl has recently contributed to creating a tool for monitoring the confiscation of aggressor assets. The CHESNO Movement's “Traitors” register and the “Myrotvorets” database have been added to the YouControl system to provide our users with even more information and transparency. After all, one of the crucial principles of high-quality risk management and decision-making is to consider all possible factors and, accordingly, data. The system recently includes more data on sanctioned and potentially sanctioned individuals in the “War and Sanctions” module. 


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