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Transparent Market: Markets Data for 2017

6 November 2018

Market relations are beneficial for those who keep their finger on the pulse. The YouControl system presents updated analytics on the basis of financial indicators of companies in the markets for 2017.

A market means not only competition but also beneficial cooperation. And the most important thing is understanding the current state and dynamics in the work of leading players. The YouControl system allows you to analyze the state of enterprises in the market and to build your own TOP-25 companies. The tool can rank companies according to revenues, import or export, as well as select the requested KVED (classifier of types of economic activity) and region. For example, in a minute you can determine the largest agriculture enterprises in Poltava region or even more precisely – who is a leader in the export of cast iron.

How to Use It?

Suppose your company plans to expand its technical facilities and to build several new utility premises. You are in search of reliable contractors for construction. “Market Research” from YouControl is the very tool that will help you not make a mistake while choosing!

After logging into the YouControl system, find the tool “Market Research” on the main page (dashboard).

On the page that opened specify (select from the offered options) the appropriate parameters of the enterprises: state, region and KVED (classifier of types of economic activity)  (in this case – “Construction”). And click the button “Generate Report”.

You will receive a list of 25 most successful companies according to the chosen parameters in the selected region, that are not in the process of termination. You will see the revenues of each of these companies in 2017, the volumes of export and import (if there is foreign economic activity) and the annual dynamics (relation of revenues in 2017 to the revenues in 2016).

The tool “Market Research” and a step-by-step algorithm will allow you to find:

• clients and/or customers (convenient for the sales department);

• to find out more about your competitors in the market (the tool for the commercial department);

• market leaders in terms of revenues and staff (for market analysts).

Please note: if you carried out a similar search some time ago and determined TOP-25 companies in the market, then repeat the research, because the TOP of players also changed along with adding data for 2017.

Research markets!