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Real Estate and Plots of Land of Companies

11 November 2019
Real Estate and Plots of Land of Companies

The tab “Property” of the profile in YouControl was supplemented by the section “Real estate”. It allows to find out what real estate a company owns.

The profile in the YouControl system was supplemented by data on real estate owned by a company.

✓Real estate is assets of a company, and if it is not pledged it can act as a certain guarantee of solvency of a business partner.

✓Like other open data in the profile, checking of real estate in the YouControl system allows to make sure of the reliability of counterparties and business partners.

What exactly can be found out?

•  Object type (a plot of land or a building).

•  Exact address of the buildings in ownership.

•  Location, area, purpose, cadastral number, form of ownership of plots of land.

How to get information?

To find out what real estate a counterparty owns, open its profile on the tab “Property ⇒ Real estate”. You will see a list of objects and will be able to find out their addresses, and for plots of land – their area, purpose, cadastral number.

Where Does the Information Come From?

Data about real estate on the balance sheet of legal entities come to the profile in the YouControl system from two open sources:

   1. The State Register of Property Rights to Real Estate.

   2. The Public Cadastral Map of Ukraine.

The number of sources will be expanded soon.

Let us also remind you that in YouControl you already can check the availability of own transport in the company and licenses for using motor vehicles if counterparties use cars (own or rented) in their business activity.

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