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Welcome to the Class: Enrollment for YouControl.Academy Starts

3 August 2020
Welcome to the Class: Enrollment for YouControl.Academy Starts

YouControl.Academy is an online course for checking of counterparties. This educational project teaches how to find reliable business partners, to avoid economic risks and to use YouControl to the maximum.


In business you cannot take somebody’s word. Circumstances are constantly changing: yesterday’s counterparty can today cause serious damage to the reputation or financial position of the company. But you protect yourself if you know how to work with information. YouControl.Academy teaches how to check, to analyze and to make decisions based on objective data about companies and people.


Advantages of the Academy:


•  Learn remotely;

•  Get up-to-date information from analysts who create YouControl;

•  Information from the courses includes theory and cases of Ukrainian companies;

•  You will use tools and skills for your daily work;

• Classes at a convenient time;

•  Free training for YouControl clients.


The first course of the Academy – “Guide to Using the Tools of the YouControl System” – contains 19 lessons on using features of YouControl to fulfill your business tasks. Take the lessons in any order depending on your priorities.


To those who will complete the entire course, pass tests in all lessons and the final test, we will issue a certificate of training in YouControl.Academy. And if the final test is passed with an excellent mark, then the certificate will be corresponding!


In September holders of YouControl.Academy certificates will take part in a giveaway – because every diligent student deserves great gifts. Although the skills of survival in the business environment are themselves a valuable prize, we want to please you even more.


So if you dreamt about a letter from Hogwarts, perceive this open call as it. But in a more real and useful version.


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