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Express Analysis of Individual Entrepreneurs: to See Private Entrepreneurs Through

4 October 2019
Express Analysis of Individual Entrepreneurs: to See Private Entrepreneurs Through

YouControl is launching the express analysis which helps save your time for checking individual entrepreneurs. The system automatically determines the presence of important factors that need a more careful analysis.

Results of the express analysis are displayed in the first tab of an individual entrepreneur’s card. The color of the highlighted factor will indicate the degree of its importance and the diligence of the required checking.

Checking is carried out by the following groups of factors:

Group of factors “Legal Personality”

•  Terminated state registration

•  In the state of termination

•  Bankruptcy (there are data on bankruptcy or it is already registered with the supervisory body as a declared bankrupt)

Group of factors “Qualification Criteria”

•  An insufficient period of existence

Group of factors “Risky Types of Activity”

•  The main type activity is wholesale

•  A long list of registered types of activity

Group of factors “Risky Institutional Changes”

•  Changes in the fields of activity

•  A short term of activity

Group of factors “Location”

•  Location on the occupied territory

Group of factors “Debts”

•  Tax debts

•  Enforcement proceedings

Group of factors “Sanctions”

•  A company is subject to sanctions

It is important to understand that the express analysis does not indicate the level of reliability of an individual entrepreneur, but only draws your attention to the facts of the entrepreneur’s activity that may hide risks for your business.

Let’s remind you that the express analysis of legal entities has been functioning in the YouControl system for a long period of time. You can read more about it in the visual instruction.

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