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News 9 April 2021

Data on Fines from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Are Now in the Express Analysis

Data on Fines from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine Are Now in the Express Analysis

The Express Analysis from YouControl now shows fines from the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) for violating the rules of economic competition. Previously such information had to be sought in the official public announcements of the AMCU, now it can be checked in YouControl in 30 seconds.


The tool will be useful to automate the process of checking a counterparty during tenders. It is no longer necessary to waste time on checking a counterparty for violating competition law and on looking for a reliable contractor.


"The new development will be useful first of all to customers and participants of public procurement. After all, all the necessary information is now easy to check in one click. The automatic analysis of fines from the AMCU will also allow businesses, NGOs and journalists to significantly speed up the process of monitoring of procurement and detecting corruption toxic schemes. We are sincerely glad that in partnership with YouControl the AMCU promotes the field of open data and contributes to the creation of a transparent business environment," Nataliia Chornohub, the GR-manager of YouControl, says.


The Antimonopoly Committee is authorised to impose fines for violating the law on unfair and economic competition. For example, if a company unlawfully uses or copies another manufacturer’s product, carries out comparative advertising, discloses a trade secret or disseminates false information about competitors. Distortion of the results of procurement, tenders, removal of other business entities from the market and a bunch of other actions are also illegal.


Cooperation with the company or individual entrepreneur that has violated competition law can bear risks: financial, reputational or even criminal. For example, an organisation did not disqualify a supplier in a competitive procedure, while it should have done so. The supplier disrupted the fulfillment of the order and money "went" to the executor’s account. Other participants of the tender will appeal the procurement in court and initiate an audit by the State Audit Service of Ukraine. Criminal proceedings may be brought for violations.


If you want to work with fair counterparties, such data should be checked.


State-owned enterprises do not even have the right to cooperate with the counterparties that committed such violations over the last few years.


Olha Pishchanska, the Head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, reminds that the list of such violators with the abbreviated title "Consolidated Data" is currently published on the AMCU website in the section "Public Procurement Appeals". "The Law on Public Procurement provides that a customer must check a participant of a tender by this list for previously committed violations of competition law. After all, certain violations are punished by a fine or a ban on participating in bidding for 3 years. If the participant is on the list, he/she/it must be denied. The emergence of another source of reliable information is an undoubted bonus for customers, and for the AMCU, as the information owner, collaboration with YouControl is an interesting experience with a useful result," Olha Pishchanska says.



How to See Fines from the AMCU in YouControl


Start checking a counterparty: in the search line on the main page enter the name or code of a company according to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organisations of Ukraine.


The results are shown in the Express Analysis of the company:



The tool may be personalised by selecting only the factors that precisely you need. To do this, go to the module settings.



The system now contains data on fines for the last year. Information on fines is also displayed in the tab "Official notices". Each factor shown in the Express Analysis is a fine under the relevant provision of law in the field of economic competition.



How Does the Express Analysis Work


The purpose of the Express Analysis is first of all to signal the factors that need special attention and careful checking. It saves time and automates the lion’s share of business intelligence, taking into account 518 risk factors at once. According to YouControl users’ feedback, the main advantage of this tool is the possibility to open the profile from the first request, to see the summary analysis and not to "descend" in the search results.


More: How to Personalise the Express Analysis


Check a counterparty!


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News 21 May 2021

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