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Safe Candidates: Checks Individuals with YouControl

12 May 2020
Safe Candidates: Checks Individuals with YouControl

Due to the technical integration of with YouControl, employers will be able to check their candidates more carefully.

The service allows not only candidates to look for vacancies but also employers to find staff for working abroad. The YouControl team helps make both processes safer.

The Eurabota company has been cooperating with YouControl for a few years already, and this has a positive effect on the results of its work. Earlier the YouControl system allowed to check only employers: how real the firm that offers you a job is, whether it is not a debtor, not involved in fraud, where and by whom it is registered, etc. Due to such checking, more than a dozen fraudulent firms were detected, representatives share.

Due to the emergence of the new tool YouControl People with data on individuals, it became possible to conduct new integration – to check candidates.

From now on employers who have an account on can use the service of checking in their profile. It is currently possible to check:

1. Presence of enforcement proceedings

It allows to view the list of enforcement proceedings against an individual.

2. Passport

Checking of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine among the stolen and lost ones – (register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) and among invalid documents – (register of the State Migration Service).

3. Presence on the list of people subject to lustration

Checking of a person in the Unified State Register of people to whom the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Purification of Power” (Lustration) are applied.

4. By the registers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

It detects missing persons and those who are hiding from the authorities.

5. Presence in the register of corrupt officials

It detects persons who have committed corruption or corruption-related offenses.

Thanks to the received report, the information about the candidate for an open vacancy will be more complete, and employers will be able to protect themselves from many troubles: unreliable, convicted persons, as well as those who try to get a job having invalid documents. Using the YouControl analytical system on our website, you will be able to protect yourself from fraudsters and to build a qualified team of employees, representatives add.

Let us remind you that earlier the opportunity to check employers’ companies appeared on The service made it mandatory to fill in information about the company when posting a vacancy, that allows to immediately find out its profile.

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