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We are trusted by

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9 times faster than manual check

This is how much time you save (at least!)
if you need a basic check across 5 registers


50 sources of information

Carefully collected for you
in one profile


365 automatic checks annually

Each change will be immediately
reported to you via e-mail

YouControl for everyone

We took care of your specific professional needs
  • Search of new markets and partners

  • Analysis of business partner’s trustworthiness

  • Threat warning

  • Tax status monitoring

  • Search of up-to-date company details

  • Analysis of financial standing

  • Search of up-to-date company details

  • Immediate company check

  • Monitoring of court decisions

  • Analysis of financial standing

  • Evaluation of cooperation risks

  • Analysis of performance

  • Search of new markets and clients

  • Evaluation of market power

  • Analysis of future partner

  • Analysis of related persons

  • Search of founders and beneficiaries

  • Analysis of successful tenderers

Take rational decisions based on accurate information

Each Ukrainian company has a comprehensive profile with all information about it, including the history of changes and analytics It contains information from 50 public registers and is updated at the time of inquiry

Control your business and partners with minimum effort

Add companies in the automatic monitoring list and receive notifications about all important changes therein by e-mail

YouControl recommends monitoring of:

  • Your key suppliers and clients

  • Your own company and your key competitors

  • Your bank

Changed director


  • Previous information

    Viacheslav Oleksandrovych Bohuslaiev

  • Changed information

    Oleksii Anatoliiovych Voitenko

Find links where others won’t see any

A unique system of links search allows finding affiliated persons and related companies, revealing a fake director or sham company in no time

The global business intelligence standard
is now available in Ukraine at last

Our solutions will suit everyone — both large and small businesses.

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Together with you,
we are building
transparent business in Ukraine

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