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How to check the legal status of your contractor?

1. Have a contractor started a bankruptcy procedure?

Information on legal entity/private entrepreneur status according to Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Private Entrepreneurs by types of economic activity and according to the statements of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine about company’s bankruptcy.
/ Profile tab - Legal Entity Status

2. Does counteragent have any problems with their tax reports?

Information from the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine about the amount of tax debt and information whether the company’s registration for VAT tax was revoked
/ State Fiscal Service Information tab - Budget tax payment status of the counteragent

3. What are the chances their company will go bankrupt?

Financial and market scoring - these are indexes that help understand how reputable and stable the counteragent is.
/ On all Tabs

4. Is there any criminal cases opened against the company?

Information about any open court cases against the company, as well as the analysis of court verdicts from previous periods. This information shows you if the company received any court verdicts that might mean additional risks for its partners, or whether the company was forced to pay on its debts.
/ Courts tab - Court documents and statements

5. Does their director/CEO have any restrictions regarding signing documents?

You will get to know if the director or CEO of your partnering company are in any way restricted in their rights regarding signing documents on behalf of the company.
/ Courts tab - Court documents and statements

6. Does the company have any known affiliation with so-called “conversion centers” i.e. shell companies that provide money laundering services?

This information shows you whether the same person is registered as a CEO or director of multiple entities that share a list of economic activities, and if so how many of such entities are managed by the same person.
/ Connections tab - This person is registered as the CEO of 413 legal entities
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