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Knowledge base of Youcontrol system

How to use a Card

Company card is the key unit of information in the YouControl system. Each company or sole trader in Ukraine has its card in the system. A card consists of blocks containing data from dozens of open registers. The data contained in a card are updated each time you reload the page.


If you are uncertain as to how to find the card of a company you’d like to check please read the instruction on How to use the Advanced Company Search tool.

Using a company card in the YouControl system

Here you can see a company card. Function icons are located right below the company name (suggesting more options than just viewing), and below them are card tabs containing all available information about this particular company.



How can you manage a company card with the available functions?


You can add it to your favourites — thus, the company profile will always appear on your main desktop My YouControl so you could easily find it at any time (read about what My YouControl is and how to use it in the instruction on How to use the My YouControl tool), download PDF version of it, print it out or e-mail to your colleagues.


You can also add the company to your monitoring list (in case you don’t know yet what automatic monitoring tool is about we strongly recommend you to read the instruction on How to use the Automatic Monitoring tool)

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What kind of information is included in a card?


Each card has 10 tabs: Profile, Finance, History, Records, Publications, Courts, Licences, Taxation, Links, FEA (foreign economic activities).

Sole trader’s card has 5 tabs: Profile, Records, Publications, Licences, Taxation.

Digits shown near tab names mean the number of records contained in them. 

A company card is a full consolidated data file generated from all open sources.