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Link Search is a unique tool that allows studying the field of links around the company — what is happening to a particular addressee, for example. The tool is useful if you want to check one particular company and reveal all related companies and persons.


Find a company you’d like to check using dynamic or advanced search. Open its card and select the Links tab. If you are uncertain as to how a company card looks like please read the instruction on How to use the Company Card tool.

The company you are checking will be in the centre. Arrows going away from it will point to related companies and persons.

The colour of an arrow describes the type of link it shows (filters). Click on the triangle in the upper corner to enable and disable filters. It will open a context menu using which you can select the types of links you’d like to study.

Please pay attention that the Address (building) filter is disabled by default. This was done deliberately to avoid overloading the system with insignificant matches — this type of link will show, for example, companies registered in the same business centre. Enable this filter if you’d like to learn about neighbouring companies located in the same building.

The company colour shows whether or not it has next-level relations. Green means there are further links to be revealed. White means there are no further unrevealed links of the selected types.

Reveal links step by step. Click on the company you’d like to check next. You can open its card (it will automatically open in a new browser tab) or reveal its links. Double click on a company name will show its links.

Where there are many links (over 200 — the number is always shown in brackets) the system may take some time to build the chart.

You can change the image scale using the tool in the lower part of the desktop, and drag the names of companies across the screen so that you could see the whole picture of links.


Repeat the procedure until you reveal all links you find interesting. Please keep in mind that some link schemes can be quite large and complicated, so make sure your filter parameters allow displaying only those links you would find relevant.

Please pay attention that trial users can see only two levels of links!


Watch our webinar where we discussed various aspects of searching links between companies —