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Knowledge base of Youcontrol system


The Courts tab contains all court decisions in respect of a particular company.


First select the sub-tab you need: Judicial documents, Enforcement proceedings, To be considered.


The To be considered sub-tab is displayed first by default.


The To be considered sub-tab


This sub-tab contains information about the cases to be considered in the future: date of hearing, case number, name and composition of court, parties to the case and the merits.


This sub-tab is useful since it notifies you of relevant court hearings in advance.



The Enforcement proceedings sub-tab


This sub-tab contains information about enforcement proceedings against a particular company.


It shows the ref. number of proceedings, issuing authority, category and contact details of enforcement officer.




The Judicial documents sub-tab​​​​​​​


It contains all other judicial documents relating to a particular company.

Where there are many court decisions in respect of a company, it is possible to sort them out to find the needed information. Use drop-down filter menus for that purpose.

You’ll see figures in boxes beside each case number. It’s another filter — these figures reflect the number of decisions in this case.

Click on the figure and you’ll see only decisions in this case.

You can disable one or several filters at any time by clicking on the green rectangular box where the filter name is written, or disable all filters at once.

Click on the decision number to view the judicial document. You can download the PDF version of a document, print it out or send by e-mail, and then return to the previous page by clicking on a respective icon.


Watch the master class by our company’s founder Sergiy Milman to understand the principles of analysing data contained in court registers in respect of a particular company —