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Market Research

Market Research is a tool that allows building a TOP-25 rating of Ukrainian companies based on the parameters selected by you. This tool helps to look for partners and clients, as well as study the competitive environment.

Select the Market Research tool to start using this function. You can do this on your main desktop My YouControl.





First of all, customize filters. Using the drop-down menus, select the company’s status (existing, in the process of dissolution, dissolved etc.), region and number of employees.

Then make sorting — by revenues or by volumes of imports & exports.

Default value for all filters is -any-, and default sorting is by revenues.

Then indicate the industry you’d like to analyse. Using the second-level drop-down menu, select the main economic activity — KVED (compulsory) and additional KVED and goods engaged in FEA (if necessary).


You can make step-by-step selection — starting from the higher category (section) and proceeding with lower (class), or vice versa. You can also see all categories simultaneously and use search.



Step-by-step customization of KVED filter


Select Categories using the toggle switch icon.

Then select the needed section.

Then the needed sub-section.

Select checkboxes beside each class you need.

Please keep in mind that by selecting a whole higher category (e.g. the whole section or sub-section) you automatically select all lower categories (so make sure to keep only relevant points selected).

You can do the same with additional KVEDs and goods engaged in FEA (categories section, group, code).

Once you have carefully selected all relevant activities your filter will look like this. You can remove one or several KVEDs by clicking on their names, or disable the filter by clicking on Cancel all.


When you have finished customizing all filters click on Generate report. You’ll get a TOP-25 rating of companies based on the parameters selected by you.



Customization of KVED filter using search


Select Search using the toggle switch icon.

You’ll see all sections, sub-sections and classes drilled down. You can scroll them down and select the needed categories manually or using the search box.

Just start entering data in the search box. Remember that the system offers predictive search. This means that as you enter data the system will offer you potential matches.

Once you find the needed class select it and click on Generate report.

You’ll get a TOP-25 rating of companies based on the parameters selected by you. Find the companies you need in the generated rating. You can click on a company name and open the company card to view full information about it.