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Knowledge base of Youcontrol system


Company card is the key unit of information in the YouControl system. Each company or sole trader in Ukraine has its card in the system. If you want to find all necessary information about a particular company you need to find its card in the system.


Use the search box in the upper area of the page to find the card of a company you’d like to check.

Available search parameters include:
- Name
- USREOU code (company number)
- Director’s surname
- Address or phone number (indicated in the registration file)
- Taxpayer identification number (for companies that are or were VAT payers)
- Taxpayer identification number (for sole traders)

Enter the search parameters into the search box. For example, if you enter the company number you’ll find only one company matching this particular number.

If you try to enter an incomplete search parameter (e.g. part of company name) or a popular surname the system will offer you a set of alternatives. Dynamic search takes place as you are entering search parameters, i.e. even before you click on the green search icon, the system will offer you a number of companies matching your search criteria.

Once you click on the search icon all search results will be displayed. If the system offers too many results (e.g. you entered a popular surname) try to narrow your search parameters using various filters (e.g. region, status, activity or register where the information you need might be stored).

If you click on the surname of company director on the search page the system will make a new search (i.e. it will show you all other companies where this person is director). This is very handy if you want to check the director of an unknown company.

If you hit the result and found the company you needed click on its name and the system will show you its card.

We also strongly recommend you to read the instruction on How to use the Company Card tool.


We prepared a video lesson for you to explain how to use the YouControl system —