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Link search

Search of Affiliates is a tool that allows finding links between two companies with the same director, founder, address or phone number.

Find the Link Search tool. You can do this on your main desktop My YouControl.

You can also get to the Search of Affiliates section using the main menu (button to the right of the search box in the upper area of the page).

Enter company names, numbers or surnames of the persons in question. Then click on Find links between the two companies. Remember to apply relevant filters (types of links). The Address (building) filter is disabled by default to avoid finding all neighbouring companies located in the same building (e.g. where a business centre is concerned).

Below, you’ll see full and short chain of links between the two companies.

You’ll see the following picture if the system finds no links at all:

In this case, try changing either company and making a new search.

If you are certain that links do exist try using the Link Search tool available in a company card. Such research may take time but if the link does exist you can reveal it in this way.