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Knowledge base of Youcontrol system


The data contained in the Finance tab are grouped into the following blocks: financial analysis, financial indicators, public procurements, personnel and financial scoring.


Financial analysis


Financial analysis allows looking through the company’s key economic ratios in ratings (i.e. in comparison to other market players). Click on Read more or Read the international version if you want to read the material in English. If you are not an expert in finance and cannot actually interpret the financial indicators in a professional manner, and if the multi-coloured columns in our diagrams mean little to you, we recommend that you read our articles on How to correctly read YouControl’s financial analytics and What figures mean: financial analysis in layman’s terms.

You can select an industry and a period — last year or the whole period of the company’s existence — for comparison (limitation: 2002–2016). Default industry is the company’s industry, and default period is all years.



Financial indicators


You can view the company’s key financial indicators (in case the company revealed them in open sources). Click on the year you’d like to view.

You will see a document like this (for the purposes of convenience, all data are broken down into groups, as if in a balance sheet).



Public procurements


Here you will learn how much the company earned in public procurements.

You can either view these data in the form of a diagram or see the data for each year — contract date, amount, contracting authority, lot description — in the upper right corner of the page using the switch.





The number of officially registered employees working for the company. Here is a diagram showing trends in the number of employees and information about directors (date of appointment and period of employment).



Financial scoring​​​​​​​


Financial scoring is an instrument that analyses the company’s financial indicators and calculates the total financial score that we called FinScore composite index. YouControl’s financial scoring allows quick analysis of a company’s financial standing. To better understand the opportunities and advantages offered by this tool read the explanatory material Financial scoring by YouControl: how to check a company’s sustainability in a few seconds.


The Finance tab shows general information about the company’s financial standing — its current financial index, level of financial risk and index trends in the form of a diagram.



Click on Read more and see more detail information. Here you see a table: FinScore index trends and trends of each financial indicator that we took into account for the purposes of calculating the total score. Read YouControl’s method of financial scoring to better understand what financial scoring method is about.


Open the drop-down menu (icon to the right of each table row) to view the data in the form of infographics.



You will also learn what each indicator means.



Please pay attention that a diagram with the industry average values accompanies each diagram showing trends in the values of a particular company. Hence, you can compare trends of a particular indicator with the average trends in the industry in general.