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Automatic monitoring

Automatic Monitoring is a bot that monitors all companies you take interest in, tracks changes in open registers and generates respective reports.

Select the Monitoring tool to start using this function. You can do this on your main desktop My YouControl.

You can also get to the monitoring section using the main menu (button to the right of the search box in the upper area of the page).

The Monitoring tool allows two key functions — adding companies and sorting them out into lists (Monitoring (Companies) block), and viewing monitoring results (Monitoring history block).


Monitoring (Companies) block


If you are using the Monitoring tool for the first time you’ll see that you have no companies on your monitoring list. The system will automatically create a Default list for you. What you need to do now is to add target companies in the monitoring list.

Click on Create new list button. It will appear on the right with the title New list 1. Digit 0 stands for the number of companies on the list. Click on the settings icon near the title to customize the list.

Click on Rename list, enter the new title and click on Rename list once again.

To change the colour of the list, return to settings and select a colour from a drop-down menu (the colour is totally up to you).

Now add companies in your new list. To do that, click on “+” icon. Enter the USREOU code (company number) of the company you’d like to monitor and click on Add. You can also add several companies at once. To do that, you need to create a text file with the list of their company numbers and upload this file into the system.

Repeat the procedures of creating lists and adding companies to them until all the companies you’d like to monitor are added and sorted out.

Click on the list title to see all companies on a particular list.

If you need to move a company to another list or remove it from the monitoring list just select it using the checkbox beside it and click on the button for a relevant action.

You can also add or remove companies from the monitoring list using the menu available in their profiles.


Monitoring history block


This block displays all changes tracked by the bot in registers. The records here go back to the date when a respective company was added.

Monitoring filters
Use various filters if you need to see changes for all companies for a certain period of time, or changes in particular registers, or changes for companies on a particular list. Combine filters to achieve the needed and most accurate result.

You can disable filters one by one or reset all settings to default (show all) by clicking on Disable filter.

Sorting by companies
​​​​​​​If you need to see all records for only one particular company, enter its USREOU code (company number) in the box on the filter panel or click on the filter icon beside the company name (the code in this case will be entered automatically).

Important records mode ​​​​​​​
You can mark certain records or changes as important to get back to them later and consider in more detail.

Just “pin” them by clicking on the respective icon beside the change or record in question.

To view all records or changes marked as important, sort them out using the toggle switcher icon on the filter panel.

Receipt of monitoring reports by e-mail ​​​​​​​
Let us remind you that you will receive e-mail messages notifying you of all changes tracked by our bot for all companies on your monitoring lists during the previous day. A message with the monitoring report looks like this:

If you want such e-mail messages to be sent not only to the e-mail address you indicated during the registration in the YouControl system, but also, for example, to your colleagues, you can add more e-mail addresses for sending monitoring reports.

To do this, use the main menu and open your account settings.

In the user account, open the My account tab, add e-mail addresses for sending monitoring reports and press Save.



Watch a video case explained by our founder Sergiy Milman to learn about how automatic monitoring actually works and how to customize it —