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Knowledge base of Youcontrol system

My YouControl — home page

My YouControl — YouControl main user desktop. My YouControl provides navigation and quick access to all system tools.

You will see this page as soon as you register or log in. You can also jump to My YouControl from any other page of the website by clicking on the YouControl logo in the left upper corner of the screen.


Dynamic company search


Use the search box in the upper area of the page to find a company you’d like to check.

Available search parameters include:

- Name

- USREOU code (company number)

- Director’s surname

- Address or phone number (indicated in the registration file)

- Taxpayer identification number (for sole traders)

Just start entering data in the search box and the system will dynamically generate search results. Choose a company you need.

Where the system suggests too many alternatives among which you cannot find the company you’re looking for at once, click on the green search icon and select Advanced Company Search.


User account 

You can check your account details using the main menu (button to the right of the search box in the upper area of the page).


Here you can activate an expired licence, change your personal details or password, attach your personal phone number to your account in the system (to enhance security) or add new e-mail addresses for receiving monitoring reports.


Agreement with YouControl

If you want to learn in detail all legal aspects of using the YouControl system, please read the agreement.


Select Agreement in the main menu (button to the right of the search box in the upper area of the page).


Please pay attention that this is a public offer agreement. This means that you either accept the terms and conditions and use the system or refuse to accept them and choose to not use the system.



Monitoring block

Automatic Monitoring is a bot that monitors all companies you take interest in, tracks changes in open registers and generates respective reports. It’s best to go to Monitoring directly from this block. If you don’t know yet how automatic monitoring actually works we strongly recommend you to read the detail instruction on How to use the Automatic Monitoring tool.

What do these figures mean?


One licence allows monitoring of up to 1,000 companies. Green figures show the number of companies on your current monitoring lists.

The number of changes not viewed reflects the number of all those changes in the companies you monitor that took place since you last viewed the Monitoring History. You are notified of all changes in your daily e-mail reports. However, if you lost one of several e-mails or simply wish to view all changes for a certain period of time, the Monitoring History will show you everything you’d like to know.

The number of important changes reflects all those changes that you marked as important or that you’d like to analyse later in more detail. If you have many companies on your monitoring lists, you may find it useful to mark as important the changes that are most relevant for your business.


My companies block​​​​​​​

Here you will find links to profiles of those companies that you have already visited or find interesting. If you don’t know yet what a company card is in the YouControl system we strongly recommend you to read the detail instruction on How to use the Company Card tool.

Selected contractors​​​​​​​

Starred are those companies that you find interesting. You can add a company to the list of selected companies if you open its card.

Please pay attention that the list of selected companies does not automatically become subject to automatic monitoring. Your selected companies are only quick access tabs. If you’d like to monitor changes that take place in those companies you need to add them to your monitoring list.

Browsing history​​​​​​​


The history contains links to all company cards that you ever viewed in the YouControl system. All your views are dated. If you cannot remember the name of the company but you do remember when you viewed its card you can follow the link from your main desktop To My companies and find this company in the History of views.




Markets research block​​​​​​​


In this block, you can get quick access to the Market Research tool. It allows building your own rating of TOP-25 companies according to the specified parameters. This tool helps to look for partners and clients, as well as study the competitive environment. If you don’t know yet how market research tool actually works we strongly recommend you to read the detail instruction on How to use the Market Research tool.


Search of affiliates block​​​​​​​

In this block, you can get quick access to the Search of Affiliates tool. This tool allows finding links between any two companies (if any, of course). Please pay attention that your main desktop gives access to the Search of Affiliates tool only. In case you need an integrated module for step-by-step search of links, you need to go to the Links tab in a company card.

If you don’t know yet how to search links using the YouControl system (there are two available algorithms) we strongly recommend you to read the detail instruction on How to use the Link Search tool and How to use the Search of Affiliates tool.


List of registers block​​​​​​​

We have created a list of the key open Ukrainian and international registers that might be useful for your business.

This list also offers a brief description of each register that indicates, in particular, whether it’s free or paid, what kind of information it contains, and contains a respective link. You can filter registers by countries, and Ukrainian registers — by sections.


We prepared a video lesson for you to explain how to use the YouControl system — 

Add "YouControl" app to your home screen
Press load -> ‘Add to Home Screen’