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SHARAFAT ALI - liquidator


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Get key details about the PP "SHARAFAT ENTIERPRAYZIES" legal entity.

A complete profile about this business will assist attorneys in deciding whether to work with this entrepreneur. This material is available in open registries. This collection of data can be accessed based on the record number in the unified state register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine for the business with registration number 19364644.

Based on a firm’s identification number, known as the registration certificate number for entities that are not natural persons, it can be determined in which area a given firm is located. For instance, PP "SHARAFAT ENTIERPRAYZIES" is located in Zaporizhzhia according to our catalog for the letter S, and the legal address of this business is at 69034, city Zaporizhzhia. Furthermore, our system can reveal even more in-depth information.

Our database contains information about founders and signatories, including full names of these individuals, which can be accessed by entering the enterprise code in our database.

The shareholders of PP "SHARAFAT ENTIERPRAYZIES" include its liquidator Sharafat Ali.

With the full version of our site you can discover legal decisions related to this company, information from the tax registry, and information about this company’s charter capital.

This company is registered legally as either a PRYVATNE PIDPRYIEMSTVO.

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