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How a YouControl user avoided the loss of UAH 300,000 and a lawsuit

28 December 2017

Company A (we will not mention its name at the client’s request) decided to make repairs at two of its offices. The total budget was UAH 900,000. Procurement officers found 5 companies among which they chose one that offered the most attractive price. They were going to award a contract to that company. According to the contract, Company A had to make a prepayment in the amount of UAH 300,000. On the eve of the signing date, Company A’s lawyers checked the successful tenderer via YouControl and found out some very interesting facts.

How to recognize a company that acts in bad faith

The company pays no remuneration to its employees

The first thing that made the lawyers concerned was wage arrears. Open the company’s card and select the tab «Publications».

Click on the latest notice to see the amount of the arrears.


The company pays no taxes

Outstanding tax liabilities is one of the risk factors. In this case, the company had been regularly avoiding its tax liabilities.

Open the tab «Taxation» and read it carefully.

Then go to the tab «Courts» and «examine the section Enforcement proceedings». You’ll see that actions are now being taken to enforce tax collection from the company.

The company is in litigation with its clients due to its failure to fulfil its obligations

One can see that the company is involved in many lawsuits (over 200 court decisions) of which more than a half — were filed by its former clients. The latter claim their money back because no works were actually performed.

Open the tab «Courts» and the Sub-tab «To be considered». «Donremservis» private company is going to meet the company in check in court.

Find the section «Judicial documents» and read the Decision No.  63191452 of 5 December 2016  to find out how much money other clients have lost.

YouControl will show you that the amount of works failed by the company exceeded UAH 1,000,000. It is important to mention that the client has already lost that money and is now trying to claim it back.

The company is in litigation with the State due to embezzlement of public funds


If you look at the company’s financial standing you’ll see that it earned quite a nice profit in public procurements.


See the tab «Finance», block «Public procurements».


Then see the Decision No.  66035286 of 14 April 2017  and you’ll understand how the company has managed to earn that much.

The company’s director runs many other companies as well


No, we don’t rule out a possibility that a person might have a supernatural managerial talent but running a few dozens of companies —at the same time is kind of too much.


Open the tab «Links» and click on the director’s name. Often such «web» means that the director is a dummy.

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