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What Prevents from Working with Open Data of Registers in Ukraine

18 September 2020

What Prevents from Working with Open Data of Registers in Ukraine

Disclosure of public data significantly influences the economy of Ukraine, the work of government structures and society. But the main obstacle remains – these are still unadapted, outdated “analog” methods of storing data in registers.


While mentioning open data, we cannot ignore open registers. In practice, however, this connection is not as direct as in theory. Interoperability – functional compatibility of formats for interaction – is extremely important for working with open data. This is it that “limps” in the Ukrainian registers.


But YouControl on the basis of open data from state registers forms profiles of each Ukrainian company, tracks changes in state registers and visualizes links between affiliates. We talked about this in detail in the article “YouControl as a Part of open data ua”.


YouControl started working with open data at the very beginning of their development in Ukraine. Since then the system has been constantly evolving and acquiring new features, helping to analyze markets, to conduct business intelligence and journalistic investigations. And it is incredibly important for us to see the results of our work in real processes of accessibility and, without exaggeration, improvement of the business environment in Ukraine.


Dozens of Ukrainian projects in various fields – from transport to agrotech – also use open data, helping business and society.


Yurii Tomin, an analyst and compliance officer of YouControl, spoke in the article r_d about the peculiarities of using open data.


What Prevents from “Opening” and Applying Data of Ukrainian Registers


Often data in the registers have different formats that are difficult to reconcile. Visually for a person information looks the same, but these are different symbols, and the program perceives them differently. The most obvious examples are as follows:


• Instead of Ukrainian letters “I” and “C” Latin letters “I” and “C” are written;

• Different formats of address spelling and old names instead of the new ones. For example, “Kirovohrad – Kropyvnytskyi” in the Unified State Register;

• On the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs information about wanted people is published in Russian; on the portal – in Russian, Ukrainian and English. About 3% of records do not contain full names in Ukrainian. There are far less data on full name in English;

• Spelling of apostrophes also differs.


Coincidences are also confusing. And although in Ukraine it is forbidden to call legal entities the same names, in the state register there are 12 legal entities with the name “Consumer company “Mriia” at once. And what is even more interesting: there are legal entities with the same code, which must be a unique identifier.


In addition, registers update information at different intervals.


All this considerably limits the possibility to collect and combine data from different registers. But it cannot stop us from developing the system and making it a convenient and efficient tool for working with data. After all, the task at stake is too important, and we cannot give up because of technical difficulties. Gradually, due to joint efforts of YouControl and other open data projects, we are moving towards creating transparent business in our country.

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