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Love or Lies: How to Check a Candidate for Your Heart?

14 February 2020

Love or Lies: How to Check a Candidate for Your Heart?

A heady feeling of love darkens your admiring eyes with a strong shroud? The promises of “together forever and die on the same day” flow into trusting ears with honey? Butterflies in the stomach fly to the brain and turn it off? This is where marriage frauds, gigolos or other “love” swindlers play. But open sources exist for you to take advantage of them. And it is possible and quite legal to learn a lot about a “candidate”. YouControl experts explain how to do that.

According to CNN, only in 2018 more than 20 thousand people from the USA fell in the traps of those who did “business” on romantic relationships. These poor souls gave away more than $140 million to scammers. For Americans this is one of the biggest directions of machinations.

You will ask – how are Ukrainians related to this? Firstly, people all over the world, regardless of nationality, cannot resist love or sometimes those who professionally play it. Secondly, our love scammers confidently enter the international level – Ukraine belongs to the TOP-15 countries from which the Americans’ money are hunted for. So why don’t such “professionals” and other romantic swindlers “do the masterminding” here in Ukraine as well?

Of course, sincere feelings exist and there are more them than scams. We do not propose to get locked in a room, to limit all social contacts, like in Chekhov’s man in the case – “you never know, what if something happens?” We only insist: if you are in any doubt about your potential love partner, you know little about the person but s/he already has big plans for you or acts in other suspicious way, check him/her. It is much easier to do this at once than to solve financial or other problems simultaneously with collecting the parts of your broken heart. Moreover, you may not always face a professional swindler. Sometimes it may just be a dishonest person, the future with whom seems rather doubtful.

Liars and Swindlers, Watch Out!

He promises whole mountains of gold, tells that he has, for example, a jewelry business, work partners abroad and millions of money in circulation. Why not a prince for a Ukrainian Cinderella? But won’t this whole perfect cavalier on a thoroughbred horse turn into a poor mouse, and the prospects – into a pumpkin, as it was in the fairy tale? Moreover, his collar is washed out, the gilding of his watch is wiped and his shoes have walked on more than one hundred dusty streets instead of an expensive office. From open data by a full name you can learn whether the person owns an enterprise or is related to a particular business. If such information is absent, then the cavalier is most likely a swindler. Or maybe through deception he just wanted to spend a few evenings with the inaccessible beauty.

In the same way other fortune of the potential prince can be checked. But for this his “accidentally found” or “inadvertently left in sight” ITN (individual taxpayer number) will be needed. By it you can find out whether your darling has a dacha in the elite Kozyn, a photo of which he proudly showed you already on the first day of acquaintance. You can also check whether that Porsche outside the cafe window was his, the Porsche at which he pointed at on a date but went home by the subway because he drank a glass of wine. If his real estate and cars are not found in the registers, it means that the prince has a good fantasy but is fake.

It will be useful to check his passport too if it catches your eye. Maybe your Sigismund Henrikhovych stole the document and pretends to be another person, but, in fact, he is an ordinary swindler Ivan Petrovych.

Your partner holds “a high respectable position”, but something in his behavior and life seems unclean? Well, it is very easy to learn whether he is, for example, subject to lustration, a corrupt official or even a traitor to his homeland. Of course, everyone has their own moral principles and not everyone will give up love because of such “news”, but it is better to be aware of such “features” of the partner and to know what he is capable of.

You plan a life together with your beloved one and dream of developing a relationship, giving birth to children, having the secure and cloudless future? Yes, all this may become a reality. But only if your partner is a responsible person. The opposite can be revealed, for example, through the fact that he has child support debts to five children from three previous marriages. Is it possible to count on the person who refuses to support his own children? There are a few more examples of irresponsibility – debts to the Deposit Guarantee Fund or the Tax Service.

Let’s return to our swindlers. It is often difficult or impossible at all to “crack” them and to bring out into the open, especially experienced scammers. But the court cases, in which deceived and disappointed victims have already sought justice, can betray them. Similarly, some “romantic wheeler-dealers” may even be wanted for other crimes. You can check this in a few clicks and save a lot of money and nerves.

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